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Important Events


May 10th:  Seniors Last Day
May 14th:  End of Course Exams Begin
May 19th:  NASLC Graduation Ceremony at 11AM
May 25th: Last day of Classes
May 30th: Summer School Begins
June 5th: Governing Council Meeting at 5pm See Agenda


empowers new immigrants, English language learners, and academically underserved students with the educational tools and support to maximize their potential and live the American dream. read more


This is my first year here. So far I am having a great experience at this school. It is very hard to find a school that will give you a second chance in life. The way New America School has it, you start off where you left off. Now I have the confidence and feel that I can be whatever I want to be. So if you know someone who wants to better educate themselves, send them to the new America school and they will succeed in life."
Doreen Johnson
~ Doreen Johnson